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I am currently trying to work on some old drawings from other software on SketchUp. I have imported the .dxf file into sketchup, but for some reason the problem I am experiencing is that I am unable to make the perimeter of an object into a solid shape with a face, in other words it is just showing up as the perimeter and I can’t use the push/pull tool to make it 3D

There are several reasons why this might be. It might be the edges aren’t coplanar, it might be there are gaps between edges so there aren’t any closed loops, it might be that you just need to close the loops by tracing an edge with the Line tool. Without seeing the SKP file, there’s no way to tell you which with certainty.

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SketchUp automatically creates a Face when Edges meet certain conditions.
When a Face fails to form it’s because one or more of the conditions haven’t been met.

• The Edges must form a closed loop.
• All the Edges must be coplanar.
• No stray Edges, coplanar with the closed loop, project inside the loop.
• The Edges are not too short, say <.002" in length.

If you inadvertently delete a Face you can heal the Face by simply tracing one of the bounding Edges, endpoint-to-endpoint with the Line tool.

Creating faces in a 2D CAD import can be problematic due to minor errors in the CAD linework.

Here’s a collection of handy plugins for CAD import cleanup and the typical order in which they’re used.

  1. Repair gaps and lonely edges using Edge Tools²
  2. Run MakeFaces
  3. Cleanup stray lines

Installing Ruby Plugins (Extensions) — SketchUp Help

Edge Tools² by ThomThom²

*Edge Tools requires a supporting plugin, TT_Lib²

TT_Lib² by ThomThom²

Once the edges are repaired, run MakeFaces.

MakeFaces v.1.400 by Todd Burch

*MakeFaces requires a supporting plugin, Progressbar.

ProgressBar v.1.000 by Todd Burch

Once faces are created, you can try cleaning up a bit more with these…

CleanUp³ by ThomThom³

*ThomThom’s CleanUp³ requires the same supporting plugin as his Edge Tools, TT_Lib²

TT_Lib² by ThomThom²

StrayLines v.1.000 by Todd Burch

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This series SketchUp training videos demonstrate another method of working with CAD imports.

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If there was already something in the model, a dxf import would group the geometry, you would have to ‘enter’ the group and then try to redraw an edge.

I’m also having a problem trying to export .dxf from Illustrator CC 2018 and into Sketchup Pro 2018. I can’t push/pull anything within the drawing. after getting everything or even anything I go to get push/pull and my selections go a way (as in nothing is selected anymore)

gosh it’s frustrating

It depends on what the DXF contains. If there are faces, Sketchup imports them. Also, some types of 3D AutoCad obects are recognized by the importer and they get correctly converted into SketchUp faces.

Typically, however, an Illustrator DWG or DXF export consists of linework only.

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thank you. i’m more comfortable in knowing there’s a make sense explanation.
Best, Bill

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