Closing Several Loops, help!

I’m trying to close several loops from an imported vector in .dxf form. When I draw a line through it all, you can see some of the shapes are outlined in bold and some are regular.

In this particular situation I’m working with a logo that I want to push out into a 3d form and then 3d print it.

I’ve tried creating the dxf file in all sorts of ways and can’t seem to find a vector that has all the loops closed when I import it.

If there is any insight on what would be a good solution I would really appreciate it!

Try to redraw one segment with the LIneTool. SketchUp may heal the loop. You may need to Zoom in.

Doing a forum search we find:


dxf’s has reputation of having artifcats such stray lines , lines not closed and sniptets lines etc that Su does not like and all of them will have to be corrected before it will close the loops. There are several clean up tolls you can use ( ThomThoms, Fredo’s ) but you need to post the skp file for folks to take a look at it. BTW Free Su users do not have native import for dxf files.

If you can cleanly convert your image to a color BMP file, you might try using the Spirix BMP Tracer

I couldn’t find anything similar to your artwork, so I used this as an example:

The artwork was 3776 x 4280. I used Gimp’s Threshold tool to convert it to pure black and white and then Exported it to a Windows BMP file (color). Ensuring a white border (so that no black pixels touch the edge), I ended up with this:

Each outline is in a group. To merge everything, you just select all and explode all. Then you can delete the parts you don’t want leaving the parts you do want.

The bigger the original image, the better the result. The importer will vectorize the image for you.

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