Lines or shapes are not closing

Hi, I’m struggling with 2D designs i would like to export (dxf) for cnc options.

The problem is that when I upload my 2D dxf designs to a workshop site, it says that there are “some unclosed and ambigiuos shapes”. “Selected shape for cutting is unclosed in this point”. See picture.

They mark where those point are but I can’t seem to find these when I have my design opened in SU.

I sent my design to the operator at the workshop and within minutes he repaired it and it was usable for cutting. He didn’t (want) to say how he repaired it, but he used a repair program for it he said.

Is there anything I can do myself in SU to repair those “unclosed points”? If I can find them I can repair them I guess. I looked on Youtube, on this community and google.

This is the file of the design:
Jali bloem.dxf (434.8 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Perhaps try welding the edges and making the model a little smaller (it’s half a kilometer wide)

I’ve done that here - does that work?
test.dxf (1.4 MB)

Is this the file your operator repaired? Can you post your SketchUp file, and the original DXF you made? Did you export a 2D or 3D file? You might try exporting “3D” to keep your arcs as arcs.

Yeah, I know it is big, but I read somewhere this was better because if you downscale it after modifying it would be better for the lines.
Your test dxf didn’t help. It caused a lot more faulty points.

No, this was my file, not the repaired one.

Maybe, I need to give some more info.

The file itself was a JPEG image which I converted to a DXF file through Then I imported it in SU and did some modifications to it (Explode, Intersect with face model, deleted the “rounded” shapes, made a group of the complete object and descaled it to about 500mm-500mm).

Then I exported it like a 2D graphic (dxf, full scale, release 14).

I also tried exporting into 3D (dxf, all geometry tickboxes on, release 14) but that didn’t work either.

I did some tests today and found out that I can repair some lines and endpoints by deleting them and redraw them again in more or less the same way. That is not a problem when you have 2 or 3 faulty points but if you have 25 this will take a LOT of time and that is not very fun to do.

There must be a plugin of another way to discover those faulty points and repairing them?

TT edge tools

What website are you uploading to?
It’s just a company to upload your file for lasercutting. You can enter thickness etc. You have to have an account made to log on before uploading the dxf file.

I used this but it doesn’t seem to work on my files. Or I am using it wrong.

It tested it on a self drawn rectangle and didnt close the rectangle. If I use that tool it works (Tolerance 0,01m).

But on the imported and converted (JPEG image to DXF) it doesn’t.

Do I have to change the tolerance maybe? How small can I go with that?

Have not checked the size, but just in kaas you could give this one a try?
fix attempt jali bloem.dxf (333.9 KB)

PS i might have cheated?

  • imported your dxf file
  • copied and pasted in place the unique shapes
  • welded edges and filled the shapes to see if there were openings
  • copied the leaves witht he rotate tool
  • exported to dxf, which somehow exploded them lines again
  • using microstation i refilled the shapes to close the lines again (cheat?)
  • exported to a new dxf file

There are sometimes issues going back and forth between SketchUp and dwg or dxf due to SketchUp’s capturing of circles and circular arcs as a series of straight segments. An edge that stops right on a “circle” in SketchUp will cross over a convex arc or fall short of a concave arc in the dwg unless it ends exactly on a vertex of the “circle” in SketchUp. Gaps and spurious edges result.


Thanks for trying to help. I uploaded it on the website but unfortunately your file was also not succesfull.

Oh well, it was worth a try. Do hope you find a solution :crossed_fingers:

Yes me too, its a real PITA by now

Hmm, difficult because you can’t see those faulty points with the eye or even with SU or a plugin. There seems no solution to this im afraid.

It seems odd to me that you’ve chosen to use a 3D modeling application for your 2D drawings. If you are going to trace images, why not do that in a 2D appplication. You could do it in LayOut and export .dxf files from there. Then you’ll get smooth curves and won’t have any issues with edges not being on surface.

Well, I can explain that to you, haha. Im new to the SU and CNC world. So based on that im a noob when it comes to what will work for me. The only thing I wanted to do is to do what has been done in this video under here. And I can do exactly that so in the end I have a nice 3D image in SU. But when it comes to make it 2D dxf for a laser cutting machine is where the problem occurs. I totally flatten it (No 3D anymore, camera view top, paralel projection) and export as 2D graphic.

But when uploading to the workshop site the problems begin.

But if you say, do as told in the video and when done, go to layout and export it from there that is worth a try offcourse. Im the noob here haha.

I think the only solution for now is to use the pentool and draw over the existing lines to create my own made closed faces/edges and delete the existing “bad/not closed ones”. A bit more work.