Exporting for use with a CNC router

My supplier is having problems with my SU 2D and 3D exported files. Here is what he has written:-

" All the holes are not “true holes” but just an union of segments"

He goes on to state

"Please only try to send us 2D drawings, our machine cannot work with 3D

The best thing would be a 2D drawings with cross section views so there
isn’t any need for the text"

The text he is referring to are the dimensions I put in - those I can easily remove so that’s not an issue.

The file is for use with a CNC machine/plasma cutter to manufacture some precision aluminium parts.

Would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

Export the DXF using Export>3D Model, instead of 2D.

This was published yesterday. It’s like Aaron was waiting for you to show up.


Thanks for that Dave. I am trying to understand though why my suppli8er says he does not want 3D exports but only 2D. Is there a solution to this for 2D?



If you follow the instructions Aaron gives in the video, the dxf file will be in 2D even though it is exported as a 3D dxf.

Alternatively if you’d upgrade to SU2018 Pro, you could draw the shape in LayOut (maybe use the SKP file as a guide) and export the dxf from LayOut.

I watched this video, and thought this is exactly what i needed, however all I get when I export 3d dxf is a failed text message.
Any idea what Ive done wrong?

AcDbAttribute(1051A) HeiAcDbAttribute(10736) HeiAcDbAttribute(1074E) HeiAcDbAttribute(10754) HeiAcDbAttribute(1076D) HeiAcDbAttribute(10778) HeiAcDbAttribute(10787) HeiAcDbAttribute(1078A) HeiAcDbAttribute(1078E) HeiAcDbAttribute(107AA) Hei

No. Hard to tell without anything to go by.