Unrecognized lines after DWG import

When importing a DWG, why do you have to re-draw lines to then create a face. They are all bold lines, suggesting they are not part of a shape or face. If I draw over them, they create a face.

Is there a short cut for Sketchup to recognise all the lines creating a face?

You could use an extension such as S4u Make Face to create faces after the import. In my experience with imported DWG files, many times the edges don’t form closed loops due to gaps or lack of planarity. Don’t be surprised if you have to make some manually repairs.

I will try it out, Thank you DaveR

A lot of those problems mentioned by @DaveR can be solved with Fredos EdgeInspector (as a part of his great FredoTools) automatically…

From the excellent docs:
“EdgeInspector is a standalone script which inspects, and then fixes, some edge defects in the
model, usually resulting from DXF imports and complex model intersections. It currently
supports 7 types of edge defects: overlaps and quasi-overlaps, lost junctions, needle eye and ear, tiny edges, tiny gaps, split edges - lonely vertices, coplanar edges - split faces”