Impossible to close surfaces from dwg - tried everything

I have been going crazy all day with this.

I imported a simple lot layout from dwg to sketchup, but i have some lines that won’t create a surface… even if i want to just redraw it, i try to draw over, it doesn’t work, nothing happens. if i draw a big rectangle over it, a ‘hole’ forms. I tried flattening, making sure everything is a polyline on cad, saving in a previous version, flattening extensions, welding extensions, face forming extensions, changing edges colors. to me everything seems on the same plane.

in the attached file, you will find 3 different layouts to create 3 options for my project. you will also see that for each one of the layouts, the faces form differently, but still don’t follow the building lines i want
Untitled3.skp (137.6 KB)
thank you!

thank you!

you probably have some lines which are not flat on the Z plane, and/or some openings on the edges.

i tried that extension but thank you

I checked some of the coordinates, and I think you did flatten things ok. But, I found one small gap, and there are most likely other ones:


I found that one in this location:

thank you, i did find one more, but didn’t solve the whole thing
although i see that you have a face that formed under the parking area, how did you manage?

I just found the solution :smiling_face_with_tear:

sharing if it helps someone :
the parking lines were making the program confused apparently, so i removed them from the autocad file, then used the Edge tool extension to find the remaining gaps and close them. I used it before but it didn’t work and i just clicked :bulb: that it was identifying all the parking lines as gaps so thought maybe sketchup was doing the same.

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