Importing dwg files to sketchup


hi guys i need help, why everytime i import dwg files from sketchup there’s only one line shown
? i mean the import was successful however there’s only one straight line showing and if you check the line it composes lines, polylines, arc etc however it appears only in one straight line pls help


Are the lines in the file drawn on another plane than the red/green (x-y) plane? To me it looks like you are looking at a side view of the imported geometry?



Maybe you could share a DWG file that gives you the result?


no i already change the view but still one line shown


Post a DWG that displays this problem so we can take a look.



ground floor.dwg (138.8 KB)


I got just a couple of lines, too. I don’t think your DWG file is complete. Considering the small file size and all the layers, I wasn’t too surprised there isn’t more in the import. Can you re-export the original CAD file?


im new here how can i re export?


ground floor.dwg (138.7 KB)


i made the dwg file from autocad2015


Is this a space station? The file has serous flaws. Assuming the units are millimeters, the base level seems to be a little short of 500 kilometers in the air. The lines you describe as “vertical” are in fact near-vertical, starting from the “base level” and stretching a further 300 kilometers up (the endpoints of some of the lines in the plan are about 300 kilometers apart in the vertical)



I imported the file and “flattened” it. Here it is in Sketchup 2016 - looks reasonably similar to what it looks like in AutoCad.

AnssiUntitled.skp (313.3 KB)


I got the seats and sinks out of another importer…

seatsand sinks.skp (888.3 KB)


guys thank you for all help, i think i know now the problem the cad files doesnt align with x and y axis and the lines are all over the z axis, do you know how to fix it?


hi mr anssi such a great help thank you, how did you do this? pls help, have a lot of cad files to import in skp. thank you so much


hi john thank you so much for the help.


Let’s hope your other files are not as problematic as this one was.

What I did was, after importing the original DWG I:

  • selected the Top view
  • switched the Camera type to Parallel projection
  • zoomed to extents (a couple of times, as the dimensions are so large)
  • exported the view to 2D DWG (File>Export>2D Image…>DWG)
  • started a new model and imported the DWG file I had made.

There are also flattening plugins available for SketchUp, and there is one for AutoCad that is part of the free Express Tools toolset that can optionally be installed with it.



Hi everybody, i need help about importing .dwg files into sketchup.
try attached file.
first, i convert .pdf to .dwg file,and then import it to skechup. it is complex architectural patterns involving many curves.
Here, sketchup explode .dwg file into infinite lines, and so i cannot make surface in it.
please help me.
with regard,c.dwg (2.4 MB)


In the future, try to limit your requests to a single topic. The one you started should work fine, not need to dig up this thread… Yeah… I am afraid of zombie threads… :wink:



In this case it is the conversion from PDF to DWG that creates all those small segments. SketchUp will preserve DWG circles and arcs OK when they exist.