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Good Morning
su 2021 windows 11
When i import either of these files they dont look as i would expect any suggestions
535-sherbrooke-R1a-A2.dwg (54.7 KB)
535-sherbrooke-R1a-A3.dwg (134.3 KB)
as always, i appreciate the insite

What do you expect them to look like?

In the first one it seems that the Thickness values of lines is not zero:

In the second one, the same plus there are stray lines way below the main items

i was expecting 2d drawing and any suggestions on how to fix this?

Nothing to “fix” really… the file is a 3D file, so it imports as 3D surfaces.

If you want it 2D it should be properly fixed in the application it was created in.

You could insert it into LayOut and then export it as a 2D file.

One of them inserted into LayOut:

Exported from LO as a flat .dwg and imported into SketchUp.

this is exactly what i am looking for so i can create a 3d model. I have little to no experience in layout. i tried in insert into layout with no luck i will try utube

I imported the DWG-s, exported as a 2D Image to DWG and re-imported.
sherbrooke.skp (248.1 KB)

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thank you for the help