Help Importing DWG into SketchUP

I’m trying to import a DWG file into SketchUp 2019. I can’t see the drawing and get the following Import Results message:

AutoCAD Entities Imported:

Layers:		39
Blocks:		22
Arcs:		14
Circles:		11
Inserts:		418
Lines:		1121
2d Poly-lines:	75
2d Solids:		2

AutoCAD Entities Simplified:

Coords out of range:		632

AutoCAD Entities Ignored:

AttDefs:			2
Dimensions:		2
M-Texts:			1
Texts:			452
Anonymous Blocks:		25
Empty Blocks:		4
Empty Block Inserts:		4
Zombies and Others:		3

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?


There are some things that SketchUp won’t import. It looks like there’s some of that in your file.

Did you try hitting Zoom Extents after importing? It’s not uncommon for imported geometry to wind up a long way from the model origin.

Check your style to make sure that edges aren’t being displayed by material and possible blending into the background.

Can you share the dwg file so we can see what we get?


first did you chose the units in the options when you import a dwg file ? If you pick the wrong one, you’re going to end up with something rather really tiny or really big.

Then, once imported, checks if some tags (formerly layers) are hidden, and did you extend zoom ?
try to import the dwg in a blank new model and zoom extend

Thanks, I have adjusted the units. I think there is an issue with the DWG file but no idea what! Here is the file…Master1.dwg (426.4 KB) For some reason it won’t let me draw in the DWG file either…no idea what’s going on! Any help much appreciated!!

unfortunately I can’t open the dwg file as my autocad version is too old… Do you mind resending it saved as 2014 or older ?

Master1SketchUp2013.dwg (375.7 KB) Thanks Paul, Hopefully this will work…!

oh boy ! many things are wrong in your dwg indeed :slight_smile:

here’s your imported plan : Model.skp (326.5 KB)

What I had to do was :

  • your plan in autocad was very far from origin.
  • many layers were hidden, but sketchup is still going to import them. I assume you’d had hidden all the ones you did not need. So I selected everything that was visible and pasted it in a new file (still in autocad, and that time close to origin)
  • your dwg was not in 2D, possibly because it was drawn above a file that was given by a surveyor that had 3d information. see screenshot :

you can either fix that using flatten command in autocad while beeing on top view, or use plugin in sketchup such as flatten selection among thomthom’s architect tools

Paul is correct, the dwg needs a lot of work.

I imported it into SketchUp and although the geometry isn’t visible here, the component is. (Outliner is a big help for this.) I don’t know what the units are supposed to be. I used Meters but no matter what, the geometry covers a large area. The box is nearly 5000 km long/ Looking at the geometry inside the parent component most of it seems to be very short.

Paul’s suggestion to fix the source file makes sense as it is very difficult to work with in SketchUp.

That’s brilliant! Thank you both so much! I can stop tearing my hair out now!!

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