Import dwg into sketchup



I know there are already many topics on this: but I feel I’ve tried them all, and ala to no avail.

I need to import a 3D dwg-file.
(extra info on the file): It’s completely in 3D, I believe it was a 3ds file first that was exported to dwg. However,autocad tells me it originates from autocad or something)

I exploded the drawing, later cut it into multiple drawings because it was too big to explode further. Then I exploded till autocad said it could not explode anymore, purged, audited, purged, and saved as an autocad 2000 dwg file

I imported that file into sketchup, This time no import failed, no entities (besides one empty block) were ignored. So I was happy when I saw that import Results window. But the sketchup drawing remained empty…, nothing in outliner, nothing on the screen.

so I did an _aecacadexport, did an _autocadexport and tried again, that didn’t solve the issue. This is the Import Results window I keep getting

Please, I’ve been trying for full days now, and this is getting very very urgent. I don’t know what to do anymore.


Can you attach the .dwg so one of us can check it.


This is one little piece, I can’t post the original one, it is confidential.ACAD-ACAD-Drawing145.dwg (2.2 MB)


Check the Options on the import dialog. I set it to meters and get this.


OMG!! I don’t know yet how to find the import dialog (it doesn’t automatically show up?) , but hat I’m sure I can find!! Thank you!!!


The dialog where you choose the file to import.
Look to the bottom right and you’ll see another button saying Options.


It’s working! Thank you so much, how dumb of me.


I’m curious what this thing is, and what it’s actual size is? Is box’s image the real size of this?

I ask because my dxf import extension had trouble importing it and I need to make some tweaks. Knowing it’s real size will help.