Importing an AutoCad file to SketchUp Pro

I have an auto cad drawing that I need to import to SketchUp Pro. I’ve only one layer, layer 0. When I import, the drawing just churns and doesn’t import. I’ve set to architectural, but it will not import in. Help please.


Can you share the .dwg file?

Depending on the complexity, amount, and type of content in the dwg it can take quite a while to import into SketchUp (in some cases even hours!). How long did you wait before giving up?

The first thing you do before you go any further is read the SketchUp Knowledge Base on layers. They are entirely different from AutoCAD layers. The fact that you only have Layer 0 in SketchUp doesn’t come into play at all during the import of the file you are trying to import.

How large is the CAD file? If it contains them, you could remove dimensions and text since they won’t import anyway. If the file is large, maybe you just need to be patient.

I have no dimensions or anything else other than the wall lines. The file is 75 kb. I haven’t read the SketchUP Knowledge Base on layers.

As was requested, perhaps you could upload the file so we can try importing it.

How do I upload the file? I also tried drawing and nothing happened.

7th button from the left at the top of the message reply window on the forum.

I’m not sure what you are describing there.

I’m on the SketchUp Community page and the 7th button from the left is LinkedIn. My second statement was that SketchUp is not working. I cannot draw with it. ??

The 7th button from the left immediately above where you type your reply text.

Dave means this button on the forum’s reply edit panel

SketchUp Plan.dwg (73.5 KB)
I uploaded using that button. Here is the drawing again.

Probably my fault. I guess I have to hit the Reply button. :grinning:

I imported your dwg and it came in almost instantly to show this:

What specific version of SketchUp are you using? (Please fill in your profile information). Also, what options did you choose for the dwg importer?

Sometimes that helps.

I had no problem importing it either. This is with SU2017 Pro on Mac.

house.skp (240.7 KB)

I’m using SU Pro 2017. I had trouble installing it when I bought it, and now I’m thinking it might not be installed properly. Maybe I need to delete it and start over with the installation.

I’m using it on a Mac

Perhaps you do have a bad installation but that’s uncommon on Macs.

What units did you have selected in the Import Options window?

I selected Feet

There was an update on the SU Pro 2017 that I installed this afternoon. It is in my Applications folder.