Import results empty for auto import to sketchup

Hi everyone!

I keep having the same issue. I cannot import my DWG drawing to Sketchup.
I have reduced all layers to the bare minimum (even moved all lines to layer zero). I have exploded the drawings, and saved as 2013 version.

When I go to SketchUp I make sure all to click "merge coplanar faces, and orient faces consistently. I also make sure the units match.

Does anyone have any other suggestions!? This is driving me crazy!

Swetts Hill - For SketchUP 2013v.dwg (178.9 KB)

Imported with SU2020 imp-02.skp (360.0 KB)

Imported with SU2021 imp-SU21.skp (129.9 KB)
(change units to imperial)

@mihai.s thank you! any idea what i was doing wrong? Why do this keep happening?

Are you sure that you have installed SketchUp properly?

I think so. I downloaded it form Trimble. Under my account info “SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan” is active. What would be a sign of inaccurately downloading SU2021?

Unlikely to be a problem with the download.

Did you drag the SU app into Applications, or try to run it from the downloaded file?

Like @mihai.s I had no trouble importing the .dwg into SU 2020 on Mac Mojave.

Some items were ignored:
`AutoCAD Entities Imported:

Layers:		23
Arcs:		18
Circles:		12
Ellipses:		1
Lines:		926
2d Solids:		279

AutoCAD Entities Simplified:

AutoCAD Entities Ignored:

Texts:			3
Anonymous Blocks:		135

There’s a recent thread about install problems on Mac if you try first to run it from the downloaded .app file, without moving it to the Applications folder.