Importing AutoCAD files

I have never successfully imported an AutoCAD drawing into SketchUp. I have a survey drawing that I was able to import only after signing up for an AutoCAD trial and exporting it to SketchUp. Why is it so hard for SketchUP to work with THE most popular CAD program for architects and engineers? The plug-in that seems worthy does not yet have a version that works with SketchUp 2022. Does anyone have any advice? I have followed all standard instructions and the import window is blank and the import fails.

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I do it all the time, especially from surveyors, but also from my own 2D drawing package. DWG files, yes? Too new a version, perhaps? Translators take time to catch up with the latest release of AutoCAD, so it’s always good practice to save a DWG file back a version or a few to be sure.

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Never had a problem myself.

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Works for me.

In the import window what do you have the file format type set to?

Wow, I am the unlucky one. The issue here is that using an older survey. So the AutdoCAD file is from around 2013. Fortunately I still have SketchUp 2021 and will try the SimLab importer and then save the file in SketchUp. Hopefully it works.

Can you post the .dwg here so we can test open it?

What endlessfix said. A file that fails either has an issue, or shows a deficiency in SketchUp. I’m in SketchUp QA, and I like it when there are less deficiencies!

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Well that did not work either because I can’t get the trial license to work on the trial plug-in. So my work around is going to be to import the PDF from the surveyor and rescale it and trace it. Not happy.

To reiterate.

ACAD-J-1604-Site.-ACAD2013.dwg (578.1 KB)
J-1604-Site.-2dwg.dwg (735.2 KB)
These are the 2 AutoCAD files I am trying to import.

I get this from the first one.

I may be confused. What plug-in? SketchUp Pro can open DWG files without the need of a plugin.

Just by simply importing? What am I doing wrong?

This from the second. You do have z issues in the dwg.

I tried to use SimLab import plug-in. But the .sl license file they sent me was not recognized.

Have you found the Options button on the Import Dialog?

I was able to import those as well. They are over 10,000 feet tall though, it might be better to import one altitude at a time.

I open a new file, I click on Import. I choose AutdoCAD dwg format, and then Configure and choose Merge… and Orient… and… I get a split second Importing popup window and then the Import Results window pops up and is blank.

Ahh, Mac, I’m out.

Yes, I see Options. It does not offer anything different from what I have already tried.