Importing AutoCAD files

AYKM? The problem may be that I am on a Mac?

can you attach back a sketchup file with the AutoCAD data?

I’m on Mac too. Here is a version where I moved the 10,000 feet high terrain down to a few hundred feet. See if this file looks correct.

tall dwg.skp (5.2 MB)

Not necessarily, but I have no experience with Mac and so cannot give advise on something like this as the dialogs and such are different…

Yes, wow that is a hilarious mess of a drawing. I live in Bend, OR so altitudes would be around 3500’ if set accurately. But that drawing has so much other junk. How about the other one? I really appreciate you sending these back to me. Its like my own personal plug-in! I am giddy.

I understand. Thanks for trying.

I see now that the two files are very similar. And both have extra junk in them that is from the drafter importing other files in order to copy and paste symbols or whatever. Neither file seems to have what I am looking for, but that is beyond the scope of this forum. I really appreciate all the help.

I’m on a Mac too. Yup, not sure what’s making that bounding box so tall.

I’m lucky in a way that living near sea level, things usually start near elevation zero anyway.

I can’t imagine why the bounding box is so high. But my main problem still exists. I cannot import AutoCAD drawings. I’m glad to have the help, but I need to figure out why I can’t do what you all find so easy.

There is a small cylinder at the top, you can see it as a spot in your screenshot.

Good point. Need to sort that out.

@colin , glad you could come to the rescue. Are you ever off work? It’s Friday night.

(of course it’s not Friday anymore for @Box . Not sure when he sleeps either.)

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OK, so I was able to get a little further trying to import this file. I got a window with the Import results but then also the popup that said the Import failed.
TOPO.dwg (452.8 KB)

I happen to be on a phone call with another forum poster! Hoping to solve his problems.

Managed to talk him through downloading and activating 2022, using his phone as a hotspot, while parked in his car. That was after two days of posting about the problem in the forum. Good way to end the week!


OK, now I feel bad. Enjoy your weekend.

Not at all. I just have to keep stepping away to tend some other things. I’m just always amazed by people on the board.

With these settings

I get this.

ImportBox.skp (463.8 KB)

Hmm. It imports for me. Something is wrong somewhere.

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.33.56 PM

TOPO-v21.skp (800.7 KB)

That is interesting. There’s a lot of other stuff that came in on Mac. I had the same settings as you.

So there is a difference between win and mac.

I have tried those settings and get nothing. And I promise I am not a Luddite.

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