Missing Geometry when importing 3d DWG into Sketchup

Every time I import my dwg into sketchup, many of the geometry pieces are missing. How can I get this from CAD to sketchup correctly?! I have never had this problem before. Also, my DWG seems to be too large to upload, so if you need access to the file please let me know.

This is the DWG 3D

This is the sketchup Import

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What units have you selected in the Import options? Very likely you are running into the tiny faces issue. Try setting the Import units to Meters for the import. You can scale down once you have the file imported.

What version of Sketchup are you really using? Your profile says 2018 Make which does not exist.

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Hey Dave thanks for the reply! I’m using an old sketchup pro 2018 version. I’m fiddling with this is at home. At the office they use the most current subscription version. Could it be a problem with the version I’m currently on?

Also, I switched the import units to meters and no luck.

Probably not. Since your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make and Make doesn’t import DWG files, it’s confusing. Fixing your profile would help.

Is it possible that the missing stuff is ignored entities? There are some things that SketchUp won’t import. You get a report of that after import.

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Dave - thanks for the guidance. I will fix my profile. This is my first post here!

Here is an image of the report after import

There seems to be a lot of ignored stuff and the Coords out of range seems suspicious. Do you have Preserve drawing origin ticked or unticked?

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Dave - I have tried importing with Preserve drawing origin checked and unchecked. Each had the same results.

What application was used to make the dwg model? The “anonymous blocks” and “zombies” entries in the import results imply that everything was not plain vanilla AutoCad. If you are using a “vertical” extension like AutoCad Architecture, you should use its “Export to AutoCad” or equivalent function to create a file that only has standard AutoCad objects and not ones that require an object enabler.

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So a co-worker of mine was able to get everything figured out. Apparently the original model was made in Rhino and was converted for use as a DWG. The missing geometry turned out to be “3D surfaces” which he converted to 3d solids by using the thicken command. Thanks so much for all the help everyone! I’m glad this one got figured out.