Can't import DWG

I am trying to import a DWG into sketchup on my M1 Mac but I keep getting the message “Some imported geometry is extremely far from the model origin” The import results show the AutoCAD entities that have been imported but all I see on my sketchup model is 1 black line on the red axis. Can anyone help?

Open Import Options
Check that you are using the same import unit as was used in creating the DWG.
If the “Preserve drawing origin” box is checked, uncheck it.
If you can edit the original DWG, delete everything outside the area you need to import.

Maybe the rest of the file is at a long distance from the origin like the message says. Did you try Zoom Extents?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion - I did that but it didn’t change anything

Hi Anssi,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did that but it didn’t help. Could the DWG that was sent me be the problem as opposed to my import functions?

Can you share it? I could open in AutoCAD and check it out.

Certainly. As Sean said, can you share it?

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Thank you that is very kind of you both.
Mh copy.dwg (7.0 MB)

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You have an object located far to the bottom left

When I import this is all I see


If you have Autocad (Draftsight, Bricscad, Nanocad, etc.) you can edit the DWG file to remove the object at a great distance.
You could also create separate files for each board and import them into pieces.

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Agreed. This DWG needs to be cleaned up considerably before being used in SU. SO much of that information is not needed.

Thank you for that advice. I have managed to clean it up and convert only what I need into DWG which I have been able to import successfully. However now when I try to explode the imported DWG component it just hangs and then Sketchup crashes

It will be more useful/better for you if you use the DWG (assign a tag and lock it) only as a guide geometry and create your 3D model over it.

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Thank you all so much. I managed to resave as DWG (2013) and the file is fully functional in my sketchup. Thank you all for your help.

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