I am trying to import a DWG into sketchup on my Mac but I keep getting the message

“Some imported geometry is extremely far from the model origin”, a box then appears saying ‘import failed’ What do i do?

as usual, when you have a problem with a file… share the file so other can poke at it.
either directly here in the answer box, or if it’s too heavy, you can use wetransfer.

also, correct your profile please, the free plan doesn’t import dwg. either you’re using the 30 days trial of the pro version, or the free web version.

And please don’t double post. Read the suggestions in the other thread you posted to.

BTW, putting “Free plan” and “2023” together in your profile suggests that you are using a cracked version of the software, as it constitutes a “plan” that doesn’t exist.


Okay I will update now, I am using the 30 day free trial.
The DWG is in sections, ground floor, first floot etc. So I have attached the ground floor dwg.

Thanks0127 GF-Ground Floor rev D.dwg|attachment (24.7 KB)

hmmmm I think you need to allow some time for the file to finish the upload :slight_smile:
because right now we can’t download the file :slight_smile:

0127 GF-Ground Floor rev D.dwg (24.7 KB)

does this work?

24.7 Kb doesn’t seem like a large enough file for a .dwg.

I did think this too!

Where did you get the .dwg? Maybe you need to go back to the source and see if you can get a new copy of it. I tried opening the .dwg file in a CAD program and it failed there, too.

Okay thanks so much, I will go back to the source and see what the issue is.

also, don’t post your issue in multiple threads. it only brings confusion.

Anssi and I asked for the file, and you gave it in both places, both looking for an answer.
Capture d’écran 2023-12-11 à 15.31.24

Dave is right, as far as I can tell, it’s empty. all there is inside is the layers, but nothing on them.

AutoCAD says that there is a missing xref. You need to insert that fine into this file.