Importing CAD Drawing


I am trying to import a cad drawing but SU keeps crashing.

I’ve stripped everything out of the CAD drawing that is not needed in order to make the file smaller etc, but it just crashed every time i try import it.

I’ve also converted the DWG to DXF but that crashes too. Has anyone else experienced this, or can anyone recommend anything to try, thanks in advance.


What version of SketchUp are you using and what OS?
Can you share the file?
Have you submitted the BugSplat? If so, did you enter a name, email or description we can use to look it up in the database?

What is in the file?

  • does it have geometry very far from the origin point?
  • are you using the “preserve drawing origin” setting? (options button on the import dialog)
  • are you using the correct units to import? (options button on the import dialog)
  • did you try saving to an older AutoCad format (v.2000, for instance)?
  • does your file have special objects (like walls etc. created with AutoCad Architecture)? If it has, did you save a copy of it with the “Export to AutoCad” function?



I’m experiencing exactly the same issue and its not file specific - I cannot install any dwg files.

SketchUp Pro 2015 (no extensions installed)
Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)

download/install the free Teigha Viewer, open your DWG/DXF and save to the v2000 format… if this doesn’t help save to the v12 format which should strip off everything not compatible with the SU DWG/DXF import.

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Can you try this just to rule a few things out:

  1. Create something really simple in SketchUp.
  2. Export it as a 2D dwg.
  3. Open a new instance of SketchUp and try to import that .dwg file you just created.

If you get the same result, then the problem is probably SketchUp related. If the above works, the problem is with the app that saved/exported the dwg file, I’m guessing.

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That’s annoying me too,

and here’s how I solve it:

In CAD, EXPLODE everything,and make all content in the same layer,

export the exactly dwg part you wish to build,and save it as an older version
(2018 ver. will make importing fail as far as I know,SU u should do something,right?)