Import DWG causing crash


I am having difficulty importing the attached file to SU. I don’t usually have any problem and this is a UK Ordnance Survey drawing that should be completely kosher. However, there is a warning immediately after import. When I dismiss it, I see the imported drawing briefly and then SU immediately falls over. Can anyone think of a workaround? I do have to get this drawing into SU somehow.

07 Bacton-Manor-Church-Road-Bacton-Suffolk-IP14-4LJ.dwg (159.5 KB)

Try un-checking “preserve drawing origin” in the import options. The drawing is a long way from the origin. But, it comes in fine for me both ways. I could just pop you a SKP if it doesn’t work for you.

When I import it [not preserving the CAD origin] it works fine for me.
Here’s the SKP.
Bacton-Manor-Church-Road-Bacton-Suffolk-IP14-4LJ.skp (367.0 KB)

This is how the settings look for me but it still crashes every time. I see TIG has uploaded a file so I will try using that.

  1. Backsaved the DWG you shared to R12 ASCII DXF
  2. Imported the DXF in CadStd
  3. Exported a DXF with all layer attributes from CadStd
    (CadStd can export text and dimensions as geometry)
  4. Imported the DXF into SU
    (Notice nothing was simplified or ignored)


  1. Made all geometry on each layer a Component.
    (15 Layers … 15 Components … one imported layer was empty)

The text didn’t scale with the drawing. It’s there, but tiny.

Bacton_001.skp (1.8 MB)

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Empty by name?
On Mac, layers with no characters in .dwg will result in a crash upon import…

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The DXF export settings in CadStd where set to: ‘Export all visible layers’
Thus, all 16 Layers came into SU, because there are only 16 layers in CadStd, including Layer0

No, it had a name, just a number actually, there is no means to ‘name’ layers in CadStd.
But there was nothing assigned to that layer.
Before posting the model I did a little renaming of the layers in SU to restore order.

The simple layer manager in CadStd