Crashing when importing DWG

I have been trying to import the attached DWG drawing. It seems fine up until just after the report and then SU immediately crashes. Does it happen to anyone else? It’s a very simple drawing file. I don’t normally experience difficulty importing DWGs.

IS_Tesi_T3545_2DDrwFt_GB.dwg (186.5 KB)

IS_Tesi_T3545_2DDrwFt_GB.skp (30.9 KB)

Obviously no problem for you. For me, any dwg downloaded from the same online resource crashes my SU. I have just tried with a dwg from another source and that was fine. Very odd. But thanks for sending the SU file.

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Although your SU file opens fine, I do get the following messages:

34 13

Mind you, I often get that kind of message now that I have switched off auto fix.

You’re welcome!
pCon.planner natively open and save dwg files. And it also export SKP.

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When I open the file with Google SkethUp 8 it’s work with no problems.

Yes, it’s not available for Mac.

Useful to know but sadly not available for Mac.

Did you find it was a problem with more recent SU versions then?

In SketchUp Make 2017 it’s also ok.

Interesting. I found I still had Sketchup 8 but when I fired it up, it didn’t accept DWG as an import file type. Only these:


But I still have more recent versions like 2017 so I could try one of those.

It opened in SU2016 without problem. So I have a workaround. Thanks again.

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