SU Pro crashed when importing DWG site survey

SU Pro crashed when importing DWG site survey. Although I had no guidance, I selected inches for the units check-box.

SketchUp Bug Splat 5.31.24

When importing, there was a message to the effect that a certain precaution was being exercised in light of it being added to a large file. Mac Mini 1.8 gb, Sonoma 14.5.

In a model file of about 110 mb, I imported a dwg site survey of 2 mb. The screen became blank except that the axes were on scren. the zoom extents button widened the screen but no model, no site survey. I hit the undo button twice to reverse the importation. No chang on the screen. The program sat overnight without change. When the computer offered save/don’tsave/cancel, I canceled and SkethchUp shut down. I believe the prudent thing to do will be to open the last saved version of the model.

I do not have access to AutoCAD at this time, as I am not leasing it at this time. I have requested a PDF version of the survey.

In such case, it may be safer to import the 2 Megs file in a separate SU file.

Then, if something bad happens, you do not damage or lose the SU model of 110 Megs.

If everything looks OK with the import, save the SU file and only then, try to import it in the 110 Megs file but do that with a copy of this big file.

It sounds like you had the “Preserve origin” box enabled in the import dialog. With map based files this places the origin of the map coordinate system at the model origin in SketchUp, and the actual imported linework may lie thousands of kilometers away. The zoom extents behavior suggests this.