Importing AutoCAD 3D Model Face Issues


I am having some issues when importing a 3d Model from AutoCAD into sketchup Pro 2016. It appears that there is a visualization problem with faces, as it is shown in the image below.

The 3d Model was imported in the Origin (0,0,0) and the Merge Coplanar Faces and Orient Faces Consistently boxes were checked too.

The only way i managed to fix it, is by exploding the groups and re-creating them again. However it takes a very long time to do this job.

I would appreciate if anyone could help.

It is really not easy to diagnose from screenshots, so, post the model of DWG if you can.

To me it looks like OpenGL issues arising from the large extents of the model. When importing, check that

  • you have the right import unit (not meters instead of millimeters, for instance)
  • the “Preserve drawing origin” box should NOT be checked
  • try erasing the possible stray edges etc. that may exist somewhere in space outside the actual model (select all with ctrl-a, deselect model with left to right window selection, press Delete)


Hi Anssi,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’ve tried repeating the process with your recommendations, however the visibility issues of faces persist.

Also, changing the units to millimiters resulted in some missing faces.

Below, i have attached the AutoCAD 3D Model. I would appreciate if you could try and import it to sketchup in order to see if the same issue happens to you. Once you import the model, try and zoom in and orbit since thats the way you can see the problem.

3D MODEL.dwg (1.3 MB)

Thanks a lot.

Are you talking about the blue/white flashing that goes on as you move around or is it something else?

Hey Box,

Indeed, I am refering to the blue/white flashing that occurs whenever I orbit or pan the model.

Any ideas?

The DWG model was located more than 100 kilometers from the origin point. I opened it in AutoCad and moved it to the origin (it shouldn’t be necessary as SU can center it automatically). I then imported it into SU with Meters as the import unit. To me it seems to behave quite OK.Untitled.skp (1.0 MB)


Hi Anssi,

In fact, the model was very far from the origin point. It appears that it improves when you move the model closer to this point.

Thank you very much for your help.