Problem Importing 3d DWG Model


Hi to all, and thanks for your futures answer and tiem.

I’m trying to import a 3D DWG to Sketchup. I get this message

But the, when the model is displayed, it isn´t like the CAD view, see images bellow.

Message, Sketchup and Civil3D Views

I’ve attached the DWG file.

DWG File

Please help me.

Thank you so much.

Geolocation has wrong elevation

What units was the original DWG in ?
What Units did you set in the Import Options ??


Hi TIG, thanks.

I’m using meters in both Civil and Sketchup.


It imports ok for me.fromdwgmetres.skp (383.9 KB)


Thanks Colin,

I’ve open your skp and still the same.


It draws wrong. They’re not symmetrical structures.


You will get problems with this model because the component origins are nearly 9000 km away from the geometry…
(I would create the simple geometry directly in SketchUp instead of the importing…)


Thank you so much Cotty,

I set the insertion point to 0,0,0 and it’s ok. Maybe i need to work with realtive coordinates.

Thanks to all.


Although it does look ok to me, orbiting the model causes some weird glitching, because of what Cotty says no doubt. It was easy to fix though, I selected everything and did an Explode. Then it behaved correctly.


I answered this in a similar vein here
Perhaps posting in one location would be less annoying…