It's impossible to model the imported object because it seems damaged

Hello everyone,
I have a Sketchup PRO license and I am an inexperienced user that is learning how it works.
My problem is the import: I have received a 3D file in DWG and I wanted to import it in Sketchup.
The result is terrible and I don’t know how to fix it. (I attach here the screenshot of the 3D)
I have already tried to import it first somewhere else (like Vectorworks) and export it as 3DS and import in Sketchup again but it didn’t work.
Any tips?

Thank you very much!


Can you share the dwg file?

When you import the dwg file, make sure that ‘‘Preserve drawing origin’’ is not checked.

Or move the imported model near the origin (0,0,0).

Errors in the image usually appear in models located at a great distance from the origin or in those positioned correctly but which have other objects located at a great distance from them.

Unfortunately it’s confidential

I have tried but it keeps not working.
I forgot to say that this 3D was made from a point cloud with a laser scanner, could it be this the problem?

I think also that I’m not far from the origin (where the axes start, right?)

If you are sure that the model is near the origin and you have also used Zoom Extents (Shift+Z) and only the model appears in the frame, then there is another posibility with its scale. Is it normal size or oversized?

Yeah, when I use Zoom Extents only the model appears in the frame and if you look at the picture here also the scale seems the right one.

Are there any turned off tags or hidden geometry in the model and at great distance?
If you right-click on one of the axes, is the Reset option active?
What does the blue cage look like if you select the whole building? Maybe one of the groups or more has the axes very far apart.

The tags are all on and I don’t know how to check an hidden geometry.
If I right-click on the axes it allows me to change it or move it.
I have to say that the blue cage is full of smaller blue cages, I’m trying to check all of them to see if the error is there.
I’ve also tried to open it with Vectorworks and there it doesn’t have this kind of problem (I don’t know if this information can be helpful).
Anyway thank you very much for your help so far :slight_smile:

In Windows is View > Hidden Geometry, View > Hidden Objects.

Ok, I have checked and all the Hidden Objects/Geometry seem to be close to the origin.

As an example of what I wrote to you before, but try to find if any group/component has axes very far apart.

Thank you very much!
I’ll try and update you soon here.

I think that what you said is right (I found some elements far from their origin and after their corrections the visualization seems better).
The only thing is that the file was chaotically exported and there are plenty of this groups to check.
Anyway thank you very much for the support!