DWG Import- Lines have an edge or border that is not wanted! HELP!

Hello everyone. I’m hoping that someone can help me figure out why my DWG files import into SketchUp with an edge, or “Height” to them. It makes it very difficult to create faces with pre-existing lines. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or try to try and solve this issue. I’ve put a screenshot of the “height” I’m referring to. Thanks!

Can you post an example DWG?

What I am guessing that the lines have a “Thickness” other than 0 specified in AutoCad. The Sketchup importer doesn’t invent things like this by itself. In AutoCad “thickness” is a property often used for rudimentary 3D modelling in the old times. It might have been inadvertently used by someone confusing it with line or polyline width.

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Sure! Heres the dwg file that I was using. I’m sure it has something to do with AutoCad, I just wouldn’t know exactly what that thing is. Haha.The Trevor Project HQ- Floor 2- PP sketchup.dwg (1.3 MB)

It was just as I guessed. Many, if not most, of the lines and polylines in your DWG have a small thickness other than 0 applied to them.

I had only access to a viewer today so I couldn’t flatten it out for you. There are various flatteners as plugins for SketchUp, but the simplest way is to import the DWG, go to top view, set your camera to parallel projection, and to re-export as a 2D DWG (File>Export>2D image…) and import that back into Sketchup.


Ah, that works! Perfect, thank you so much for your help. Would you by any chance also know the easiest way to take the lines from the autocad file and have them interact with a pre existing sketchup model? When I copy and paste the lines from the separate skp file, they don’t interact with the faces of the current skp model. Thanks!

hello, have you tried selecting the elements you want to interact with each other, right click > intersect faces with model ?

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