Select only round face


i’ve drawn board 600x2400mm size and 20mm holes .
i want to delet only circle face to see the hole through because i can see the holes at the moment. i can delete
by selecting every single circle but it takes a time.
please recommend any extensions or tool in sketchup pro 2018.


It is a matter of selecting:
Activate selection tool
Double click on the main surface area, hold Shift and select the whole board again by triple clicking.
The inner faces of the circles ahould now be selected and can be erased…


hmm…triple click first then hold shift and double click?


One option for starting where your screen shot shows is to double click on the face outside the holes, copy the selection to the clipboard, triple click to select all, hit Delete, hit Edit>Paste in place.

The next time you have to draw something like that, draw the first circle, delete its face and then copy the circle to leave the pattern of holes.


it works perfect for me .
i appreciate your help buddy.


wow… that’s good idea .
thanks a lot


I think a more intuitive way would be to first triple click, then double click the face while holding Ctrl+Shift. Maybe it’s just me but I use deselect way, way more often than toggle.