How do I delete area in circles?

I cant select the plane area inside the circles to delete them. What am I doing wrong?

Control Panel2.skp (229.4 KB)

Select all, right click. Choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. You should then be able to select and delete the faces inside the holes.

How are you creating these panels to make the intersect operation necessary?

FWIW, you could make it easy on yourself. Instead of selecting the faces inside the circles and deleting them, double click on the panel face–the part you wish to keep, Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C), then triple click to select all of the geometry and hit Delete. :astonished: Then hit Edit>Paste in place. I use Paste in place so often I set up a keyboard shortcut for it.

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That were my thought, the way I can reproduce that is by creating the circles inside the rectangle (without a face) and then healing an edge afterwards to create a face that then needs intersecting to separate the circle geometry.

If the circles were drawn on a face, they wouldn’t need the intersect, they would cut the face initially.

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If I knew I wouldn’t do it. :wink:

I thought we already did this?

I had suggested having your text on another layer.
select everything and use “make plane”
double click on main surface area then using shift, drag marquee around everything (which will select the inverse) then delete all circles at once.

for this sequence to work i had the text elements on another layer, which I often find to be a good practice anyway.

The other version of that which ignores the text is
triple click, shift double click, delete.


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