Select Face's Inner Loop Extension/Plugin Search


Looking for SketchUp native function/extension that would allow me to do below:

I have been looking for a tool that allows me to do this for a while now.

I want to select the highlighted rectangle or sometimes more complicated shapes just the ones on same Z axes that are connected. This example is selecting the outline of the void to create a cove with either Followme Tool or Profile Builder 2

So I can produce this eventually:

There are some that does similar, such as:

Select Curve - I live on this to select and clean up edges, but it doesn’t work for this purpose
Extrapolate Selected Edge - I just can’t get this to work, and seeing a dialogue every single time isn’t ideal
s4u-Select Tools - There are bunch of functions to select, but none does this selection ONLY

But I have not come across one that just does the job.
Shed me some light if you know any.
*Yes, it is only 3 more clicks in this example, but often it is much more complicated than that, and tricky-er when the model is more complex


Possibly I’m misunderstanding, but I would just use de-select for these types of selection…



Thanks John,

I don’t know why i didn’t think of de-select with double click.

But I think it was just a bad example as well, here is a better one.
It’s usually a bit more complicated.


there is TT’s Selection Toys, have you tried it?


Yes, I have it installed and use it all the time. But no option that I can find that does what I intend to do.


you know the drill, add a simplified skp…



Darn, you got me. I should have known better.

01.skp (97.9 KB)

The easiest way I can think of, is to fill the void by drawing one edge, double-click selection of the filled faced and undo to revert to where face was not created. This is such an odd way of selecting…

I may have just answered my own question there. But can you think of any other tools or tricks?


well done, that looks pretty straight forward…

I often find that making a gif of any issue, helps finding a solution…

It makes you evaluate the problem in isolation…

I have a ‘make gif’ button in SU, so I can quickly record some ideas on a copy in a new model…



I want that button too! an extension?


Or is it a hotkey configuration?


it’s a small part of a developers extension, but the code is fairly simple for a mac…

it just launches ‘licecap’ so you could use a hotkey…


i’ve tried LICEcap, but it doesn’t work so well with the full screen mode on MAC. :confused:


you use SU in fullscreen mode?


I have been. And I do not like it. Im planning on the jump to Windows.

Only my laptop is MAC, work and home in Windows.


I didn’t realise fullscreen was ‘native’ in SU, the way that it functions make it impractical for modeling…
besides, I like seeing the menubar…


I guess im minimalistic at all times. Im even using “auto-hide” menu bar setting on El Capitan.

Also, I don’t have much of toolbar icons shown. I am big on shortkeys anyways. I rarely click on buttons.


I find it weird that the right-click Select sub-menu has no Edge Loop choice for a single edge.

A face has a Bounding Edges choice, … but would be beneficial to have Inner Loops and Outer Loops choices.


Dales (now free) SketchUV plugin has a very handy path select tool…


Thanks! i will give that a try