How to select loop?

Can anyone teach me how to quickly select this loop ?
It takes too long to click select face by face and this case also very hard to use window selection.

I have tried to use QuadFace tools but it does not do anything.

Below is a link to this file for trying

Thank you very much.

You can just right click on one white face and choose orient faces and the back faces should flip.
As for the curves, the soften smooth dialog should sort that out for you.

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Hi Box, Thanks for helping again.

Oh ! I am more than 10 years using SketchUp. I just learn how to use “orient faces” today.
So many wasting time fixing reverse faces before.

BTW, I understand soften smooth edge and fix edges. However I still wondering if there is a good why how to select complicate edge or loop like this sample.

There are various extensions that can do that, but some geometry just won’t do it, Thomthom has one, select curve I think, Fredo’s Curvizard does it, I’m sure there are others.
Quad face tools will only work consistently if the object is made up of quads.

Thank you, I will check TT select curve and Fredo Curizard. If it work I will feedback. Thanks a lot for help.

TT Select curve do nothing. Maybe it is not work for 2021 version, not sure

Curvizard, I will find time to learn this tool later :slight_smile:

Select curve does work, but you have to give it something it can work with. It will select until it reaches a hard edge junction.
Select curve

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Hi Box, Thank you very much for making demo video.
It makes come back to study again. From this sample now I have better understanding why people say quad face is better. I can easily select both edge loop and ring on quad model but cannot do anything on triangle face.

I think curve is the same. My sample model has too many triangle faces. From you demo I also see you have to fix some edge before selecting curve. Thanks for helping me improve.

My first try would be the path select tool from the SketchUV plugin.



Misunderstood the original post a bit so deleted my last post… Still easy enough with native SU tools …
Zoom in and do a "Left to Right " selection on the edges you want to un-soften. Once selected make the changes in Entity Info. Trick is to zoom in close enough so your not selecting geometry you don’t wish to change. Way faster to do than explain…

Wow ! Thank you very much.
I use Sketch UV for mapping texture, just know another icon is path select tool !

but for this sample, Path selection is also not really help because triangle faces have many directions to go.

Hi Tuna, thanks for your help.
Could you please explain a bit more what is “Left to Right” selection ?
I don’t if SU native tools have this feature.

Kwin , If you use the Select Tool from left to right it will only select geometry that is fully enclosed by the tools bounding box. Once you get use to it you can do a pretty fast job of just selecting those elements that you want. Posting a .gif . Excuse me if it’s not as slick as the .gif’s done by the “real wizards”.

slect edges

Hi Tuna, Thank you for you demo.
I see, I think this is called “window select” method.
Yes it is the most simple way to do but this also require a lot of work of we want to select the whole loop. We have to manually zoom and select corner to corner. Also you can notice we have to deselect some edge we don’t want :slight_smile:

If you zoom in close enough and have good eyesight and steady hand
( neither of which I have anymore) you’ll rarely pick up an unwanted line. It’s actually fast to do with practice . :grimacing:

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If you look at my gif you’ll see the first thing I do is unsoften that edge simply by using soften/smooth on the whole group. Because it is a ‘profile’ edge it will naturally harden without needing to select it.

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“Window Select” as you put it could be use-full here. First soften smooth the whole group to the appropriate degree that only the edges you want remain. Then right to left select from the side of the object to include all edges.


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haha, you are very optimistic for just using hand skill. I have to learn how to think this way too. :slight_smile:

HI @endlessfix

Thank you very much. I may think to use extension too much and forget basic.
Yes, this challenge can be easily fixed by just using native soften edge !
It can make complex triangle a lot easier to select for both loop faces and edge.
Thanks for this helpful tip.