Select curve past intersection

TT Select Curve is great.
But I have come across a modeling request where I need it to continue selecting past an intersection. similar to a ring select.
Did quite a bit of searching. Does an extension already exist to do that?

You could try with: Fredo6: Curvizard

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or with the path tool from SketchUV (Whaat).

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Yeah, tried it. But there will be so many edges that It is not practical to have to select them all individually.

Weld the edges first use Eneroth Auto-Weld.

Did you watch the whole GIF I put? I selected only one line, and for the rest the selection made the plugin automatically.

I made a shorter version of the clip, it should be easier to understand:

Thanks a lot. That showed me that I had a setting to correct.
But if I make a second curve, say on level up or down, the first one is lost, back to individual segments between intersection.
Tried various settings, no luck.

After you have selected and joined it, make it a group, and then move on to the next selection