Lines getting broken from arc tool

I used the arc tool to create some geometry connecting the large mask profile to the bottom profile. As soon as i exploded the profiles, some of the lines stay welded together, while others break into small segments. I am modeling in meters. I even scalled up by 1000 again and it sill breaks the line. Notice the other curves are still welded, but the other lines are segmented. How do i prevent this? Happens before the curvi loft operation


breaking the linemore mask practice.skp (1.4 MB)

Arcs break, I have long since given up questioning why.
Select all of it and use the relatively new context menu option Weld Edges. Done.

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selecting takes forever with this particular model, it broke it most the way around. Anyway to double click just one segment and have it select attached ones with a extension. I know eneroth made one but i can not pay for it at the moment:)

Just select the whole thing, faces and all.

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oh, i see what you mean, select all of it and then weld it. ill give that a try haha

Like this.

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ok, im glad it doesnt weld them ALL together as one line haha. So did SU add the weld extension as part of the software then? i used to have to install the extension…

Yes, I think it was added in 2020.
Fredo’s Curvizard would be another option for this too, it has many other functions.

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awesome. I will also try out that ext. SU is still new to me, even though i have used it for 2 years. I come from a solidworks background since i am certifide in it. So trying to convert from one software to another is a we bit tough. one example is trying to draw arcs on a separate plane as the mask is on but in the right view, so that i can make a solid shape to use as a cutting tool to cut a pattern for the face rather than having the loft be flat on the edges.

I resorted to making a rectangel, intersecting it in the middle of the mask, intersected the faces so the mask pattern copied onto the rectangle, then hid the mask so i could draw curves and arcs on a flat surface to create the create shape where i needed it haha

That is a good option, but you can lock things with the arrow keys.
I will point out that the top and bottom arcs on your mask are not on axis.

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i even tried to use the xray style but the arc locks onto the part behind the plane haha

hmm, when i made it, i made sure to drag the guides up with the up arrow key to keep it locked for blue, or whatever axes i needed… I have moved the model around ALOT testing out things and tools thats probably why its off axes.

and holding or hitting the shift key is NOT locking it to the face of the rectangle. I thought it would:)

arc tool

just restarted PC and now the shift key works. This happens to me often, a key will not work, i restart pc or su and then it works. windows 10 has done this to me on more than just su

anyway, thanks

If you look from on top in Parallel projection you can see the top one is way of and the bottom just a tiny bit.

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well thats odd, i even dragged the anchor of the arc tool along that guide. The engine even said constrained to line haha. i must have slipped at the end. thanks for finding that. that might explain some of the odd edges from curvi loft