Can't get Curviloft to work

I’ve been using curviloft to connect two arced lines. I would select the two lines and click the loft by spline icon and a mesh would appear. I dont know what I did in a series of messing around, But now when I click the loft by spline icon it highlights all different lines with numbers and colors. How do I get back to the way it worked before???

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly how you’ve set it up and help you.

Looks like you’ve got a misplaced niblet in there.
curviloft niblet

Also, looking at what @Shep is showing and seeing that your file is 18meg tells me you need to learn to purge your model.
Window/Model info/Statistics/Purge unused.

I started from scratch with a simple arc and offset it, and I’m still getting the same problem. I’ve used it dozens of times before and it did exactly what your clip shows. I cant get it back to perform like that

Are you using the correct tool, you have 3 to choose from, with an offset arc it should be the first icon.

Thats the only one I’ve used and needed so far. I had already done the first couple steps with it.

Well there must be some issue, but I’m not downloading 18meg to check as I have limited internet.

Here’s the problem tread. after playing around with the thing I did see it misbehave with curviloft.
There are a fair amount of loose edges in the model so I don’t know if there is an error causing this or not.
Troubled Tread.skp (521.7 KB)

I strated a whole brand new file, and just did two arcs and im still getting the same thing

Curviloft issue.skp (181.0 KB)

I can’t help but point out that in this case all that’s needed is to close the two end and a face forms.

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Yes, I see the tiny end that causes the issue, by not selecting that tiny bit curviloft works as expected.
I also don’t see why you are using curviloft either.

This is what I have used to create a curved border stones. I’ve tried to find alternative methods, curviloft then thrupaint has been pretty simple

I may have found the problem. If you triple click select the two curves and delete them. It leaves behind a group containing an edge of 1/16".

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I’m having the problem even when I start a brand new file. I use curviloft with thrupaint to create a curved border

That tiny group is probably in your template.

I would’nt call closing the arcs with 2 lines an alternative method. It’s the native way of getting a face to work with.
Simple rule: if it is flat, you don’t need Curviloft or any other extension to get a face…

I need to create curved face/mesh whatever you want to call it, so the material I apply will follow the curve using Thrupaint

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