The Problem with curviloft - loft by spline

Hi, everybody. I just trying to make a shape with 2 splines with the
CURVILOFT extension, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly and it made an odd shape. I don’t know how to fix it, please help me to find out about it.

this is my skp file of this problem

What’s it supposed to look like? From what I can see in your model you haven’t provided enough geometry for Curvilot to work correctly.

this is the upper skin of this shower tray with slopes to drain
shower tray

Like this?

Add in the edges I show between the inner and outer shapes and use Curvioft–Skin Contours. Loft by Spline isn’t the right tool for this.

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yeah, this seems to be nice, I will try it again with your instruction. thank you, my friend and dear master