Skinning Tool Help

Why won’t the skinning tool in Curviloft create a skin for these two shapes? I’ve had lots of issues getting different shapes to work.

My shapes

It all depends on what you want to do, and what sort of shape you are dealing with.

I kinda made a shape similar to yours.
Used “loft by spline” - curviloft for the sides
But used “From Contours” - Sandbox tool.

Cool thanks! I’ve never used sandbox, but it is definitely a tool I needed. However, when I tried to do this final curved section the loft by spline didn’t work. Sometimes the curviloft skinning works for me, but most of the time this box pops up. I figured it meant the skin is being made so its just taking a second, but the skin never ends up loading. Do you know what’s causing this?

Is it possibly edge breaks in my line causing this? Sandbox and Skin Forum Pic

It is possible to have that issue when there are problems with the edges.

Try using “Edge Tools” by thomthom or fredo’s own “edge inspector” to validate.

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