Curviloft, not enough contours error

running into an issue using the skinning feature of curvi loft. I keep getting an error and not sure how to solve it. I have used this feature before on very simular shapes for my micro-biology class, and never run into this issue.

curvi loft error
dust mask.skp (492.3 KB)

i have tried over and over for the last 3 hours and can not get this to work haha. Im modeling in meters and have even tried to scale up more. This is using the skinning feature and i have no idea why it fails.

i have done this particular skinning 5 or 6 times in the last week or so. The only thing that has changed is the look of the base. dont know what is causing the issue:)

i should mention that the default curvi loft function works between the top and bottom splines, its the skinning feature that is having trouble

You need to tell Curviloft which are the portions of curve to consider (3 or 4). Sometimes, it can figure this out automatically, sometimes not.

So, between each selection, either click on the empty space, or click on the blue arrow in the floating palette. Each portion of curve should now be in different colors.

None of the contours join. Look carefully at each junction.
Also the top curve is way too many segments, 600+
GIF 9-12-2021 5-43-53 PM

That did not like me either haha. im striking out tonight:)

curvi oft

i just went through, and checked that before i posted. all mine are connected. i can only zoom in so far before things disappear on me. plus when i move one of the contours, it pulls the others with it,s o it has to be connected.






They are not connected correctly, just look at the top one.
Top joint

the line in the center is not needed. the arc does not need to connect to it. however, the arc SHOULD have been on the dashed guide. I t showed the red X and said intersection. I have length snapping off, but it still tries to snap to end points.

ill move the top portion over and see what happens. i just cant zoom in as far as you…

You need to reduce the segments too.

how do i reduce them? I also moved it over and it still throws the error. the other side is lined up as well, and i checked the base.

Curvizard, simplify contour.

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dust mask.skp (523.4 KB)

newest save

this one, as far as i can zoom in, the lines look correct

still didnt like it. all lines are connected since i can move them and they are in the correct place. I have a feeling its the top section so i will re-draw it with way less segments. Tghank you for helping me out and guiding me
everything is connected