An extension recommendation?

I would like to be able to “skin” a series of frames.

As an example, here is the skeleton of an airplane. I would like to skin it. (and this one is relatively simplistic compared to what I would like to do in the future)

I have used [Curviloft] ( with some success and I like it but it is still in Beta, somewhat twitchy and once I went to SU 17 Extension manager says it’s “out of date”

So I wondering what my alternatives might be? Does anyone have any suggestions?


I would say Curviloft is your best bet. I’m not sure about it being Beta… the version I am useing was published over a year ago and i use it regularly!

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Hmmm, do you get lockups and have to restart SU say ~33% of the time that you use Curviloft? (it seemed to get worse when I went into SU17 but I never kept accurate count)

Perhaps I have another problem and my Curviloft issues are a symptom rather than a cause?

I’m guessing you are having some other problem. Curviloft works great for me and I can’t remember a single time it caused a lockup or restart.

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This may not be the right place for a bug splat report but immediately after doing a successful “loft along path” I received the following: Crash Report #29864.

Now I do often lock up when using curviloft but I don’t normally get bug splats when I do. So perhaps it is totally unrelated or perhaps the compiler gods are smiling on me today and allowing you folks to see what might be causing my issues right when I posted on it? I mean I have sacrificed plenty of chickens and beer to the computing gods, perhaps THIS is my return on sacrifice investment?

IF that is, this is the appropriate place for a bugs splat reference. If is not, I totally get that.


PS. Evidence of sacrifices…why I don’t get asked to create outage plans very often… :wink: