New user trying to join several bezier curves into one

Hello SketchUp community,
I am ultimately trying to CNC some parts for a guitar making mold and some jigs.
I needed to make a complex curve that matched the outline of my hand drawn guitar profile.
I scanned the guitar drawing, then I downloaded the bezier curve extension. In a little over an hour I had a good profile insisting of multiple curves. I then downloaded the weld extension, with which I welded those curves together. so far so good. Then I started laying out other aspects of my drawing, things that abutted or crossed said profile. These intersections with other objects severed the welded curve, and now Weld won’t work on it.

What changed?

Any help or insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Big Hollow Guitars

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Weld can’t join three segments together.

The easiest thing to do to avoid the crossing lines from breaking the curves is to first put the curve in a component or group. then draw the crossing lines outside of the component or group.

I had successfully used weld to join all of my segments, but after the full curve was bisected by other drawing components, it no longer will work for even two segments

Is the bisecting line still present? If it is, the curves can’t be welded back together.

Why not upload the file with the curves and bisecting line so we can see it?

Now I have the curve and the Bisections/abutments on separate layers, but they must still interfere with the weld command?

Layer do not separate geometry. Do what I said before and use components or groups.

Awesome, thanks for the help.