Best way to convert DXF to "joined" curves

I got some good advice from Box on how to create 3D bevels using the Move tool, BUT I’m stuck just getting my geometry to behave…
I imported these 2D vectors from Vcarve, then used Eneroth Face creating to get me this far.

Any advice how I can get the line segments to join (so that I can bevel them into a 3D form)?

ALSO, the faceting that’s being introduced is going to be a problem, since these are going to be CNCed…

Weld them. If you are still using 2018 as your profile indicates, get the Weld plugin from the Extension Warehouse or TIG-Weld from Sketchucation. SketchUp 2021 has a Weld tool as a native feature.


Thanks! will try that…
Any solution for all the faceting that seems to have occurred during the import from Vcarve?

If the forms are circular arcs you could use the Arc tool to redraw them. As SketchUp doesn’t support noncircular curves, welding results only in a faceted polyline. Circles and arcs can be exported to DWG/DXF from the Export>3DModel function that preserves their “arcness”.

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No luck on the weld. It still reverts to individual line segments, after I select all the segments and use WELD…
Any other solutions?

Which weld did you use?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Here is the SKP:

Arched panels for bookcase.skp (516.6 KB)

Soften the edges on the vertical surfaces underneath first. Why is some of it even 3D?

How did you draw those curves in the first place?

I created all the geometry in Vcarve, then imported as DXF…

This is what I’m trying to model for CNC fyi…

Not sure how it got to be 3D. I was trying the method Box proposed, which involved drawing on the face of a cube…

It’s kind of a mess.

Exactly how wide is the panel supposed to be? It seems to be an oddball size. Not right on 32-7/16".

Length is similarly screwy.

If you created the geometry in Vcarve why are you importing that into SketchUp to go back to .dxf?

I needed true arcs and minimal faceting (as well as to match the designer’s original ACAD elevation)
Sizes are taken straight from designers ACAD…
I’m importing to SU to create a CNCable model…

CNC uses paths, you’d be better off drawing it in something either designed for cnc work or in something like inkscape where you can create beautiful Paths.

I did not know Inkscape could create 3D models- going to check into this thanks!

No, I didn’t say inkscape could do 3d models.
But it can make paths and they can be used for cnc.

Then draw true arcs in SketchUp. Or use LayOut. These are all arcs.

Aha thanks.

And using Dave’s model you can see that the ‘move’ method I showed you earlier means the arcs are retained. This allows you to export them as true arcs.


I noticed that when I tried to trace my VCarve arcs with sketchup arcs, I cannot achieve the same curves…

I’d be happy to retrace it and sketch it but I can’t seem to get the arcs to match…

Are your Vcarve curves true arcs at all?