Designing for DXF / VCarve

In the words of my favorite sketchup youtuber, hhhhwwwwwwwwhat’s up guys!

What’s the best way to approach this snag? I’m using sketchup with addons that enable me to design some things I can’t otherwise design, but the fella with a CNC mill uses VCarve. He requires a DXF with layers for each depth of cut, which I can do, but what I’m sending him are “lines, not arcs”, which I’m sure means they aren’t vectors but the linear approximation of them. I don’t want to approximate the design. Is there a way to produce these within sketchup, or do I have to use something else?

Lines would be vectors too. Are you exporting the file to DXF as a 2D Graphic? That will split arcs into segments. Exporting as a 3D Model preserves arcs.