Select Loop of connected lines/edges

How to Select a Loop of connected edges/lines

I have used a plugin to connect a loop of lines/edges before. However, I haven’t opened SketchUp for a while due to a broken PC, and upon reinstalling SketchUp, I forgot which plugin I had used. I had assigned a shortcut key to the plugin, so every time I used it, it would extend from the selected line, and not extending to different segments of the line, as shown in the picture.

Althou “Select Loop” from “QuadFace Tools” can select a loop, but limited only on certain edges and the one im looking for.

I try to overcomes this few times by doing it manualy but lately its getting frequent.

i tested:
-Select Curve
-QuadFace Tools
-Select> Bounding Edges

“Select Loop” from "QuadFace Tools and “Select Curve” cannot select a loop of edges from this polygon.

Have you tried Selection Toys?

You must have quads to be able to select loops with quad face tools, from the image you shared it looks like you need just one line to have quads, on the overlays tray there’s a box that says Quad Analysis, green means quad, purple triangle and red ngon.

Never used it before. Ill try it if its works as replacement for the one i used before


QuadFace Tools works well but you need to learn to use it first.

:thinking: indeed. After a few try, i know something is wrong. I cant replicate your finding. i will reinstall quadface and ttlib.

For those who want to use the Select Curve plugin, it is necessary to first learn about the edge properties (soft, smooth…), to prepare the object, and then the selection can be made.

Yup. And please dont easily implying people who asking a question as a stupid person. As stated, quadface not working as intended and Im not new to SU.

You don’t need to reinstall, just learn how it works, you must have quads as I said.