How to select all edges?

I have created this model using a curve and follow me tool. The problem is that I need all the edges or at least most of them to be soft (hidden). But I have problem to select the edges without faces. How to do it? Manually one by one this would take ages :smiley:

How about selecting all, including the faces > right click on the selection > select ‘Soften/Smooth Edges’.

Another option to leave faces out of the selection is to switch to ‘WireFrame’.


Looks like you may have some issues with either missing faces or reversed faces. (Both sides)

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Select the object and use the Context-menu > Soften…
Adjust the sliders and all possible edges can be made smooth.
BUT perimeter edges will be unaffected by this…

So edges around ‘holes’ are still visible…
SketchUp’s in-built tolerance of 1/1000" means that if you are modeling small object, then some tiny facets might not get created
Try scaling the object up by say x10 then making the form…
Scale down afterwards,

Alternatively zoom into the missing faces and draw over an edge to see it it forms…
Smooth it again afterwards…

@DanRathbun has already shown you the problem areas…
With a fully smoothed form these will be even more obvious…

I have used your technique of Soften edges. This was so simple. Thanks

Yeah, I have fixed this using Soft Draw pen from Pen Tool+. Fixed within two minutes.

Hi readers ! Old post but looking for a solution in selecting only edges, I found this: " Left-Click, hold and select by the left corner up to the down right.". This will select only the edges in the selected window. Hope the answer is not too out of the subject.

Yes, that works. It’ll also select faces if they fall fully within the selection window.

If you set the face style to Wireframe, you can select only edges with the left to right selection (or right to left). In the case of the OP’s need, it doesn’t matter if faces get selected anyway. Soften/Smooth only applies to the edges in the selection so the faces are ignored. No plugin or extension needed to do this.

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Or use a plugin like Selection Toys from Extension Warehouse

Indeed. Do not know yet for the "john_mcclenahan’s plugin, but will try anyway…

If you search for “Selection toys”, it is by ThomThom, not John.

Ok. Anyway thanks everybody for helps and sharings.

I didn’t intend to make any claim for authorship of Selection Toys, and it was unintentional that you could read it that way.

I do have a few published plugins, but not that one! Way above my skill level.

I didn’t but perini.jc did. I never thought you wanted to claim the plugin as yours. I just thought that mentioning ThomThom might make it easier to find.

Thanks - it should indeed make it easier. I couldn’t remember the author at the time.

Is there a way to get around this when none of the solid object tools are availble due to the object not being recognized as a solid object despite appearances.

Download and install ThomThom’s Solid Inspector and use it to help you identify what is preventing the components or groups from being considered solid.

I have that is what has identified the edges which are being treated as individual edges. But now that I know this, how do I fix them? How do I select the edges (just the edges) and force them to merge.

Tom’s took can not fix what is treated as a surface edge.

Thank you SO MUCH!!! :smiley: :pray:

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