How to select only the outlines of a model?


I recently completed my first model, and in the beginning I was unaware of the use of components and making groups. Therefore, most of my model is composed of simple lines attached with one another.

Now, I am trying to make simpler versions of the model to show my my progression, but it is difficult to do so without erasing faces of the model. Example:

Does anyone know how I can select only the outline of the model, or any other ways to complete what I am trying to do?

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If you change the display style to wireframe, only edges will be shown. You can then select edges without getting any faces. Of course, if your edges are all loose together, they will have cut each other where they intersect. That will make the task more tedious, but it can still be done.

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It does help for sure, but since the model has so many lines, it becomes quite difficult to even differentiate the edges from each other.

Also, if I select a set of lines, another set behind this one will get selected too, and makes a mess when erasing.

Any tips on how to make the process smoother?

It might be quicker to turn all of your model into one component, lock it, then redraw over it using components properly.

Wouldn’t redrawing over everything be very time consuming? I don’t have my components saved at the moment, so I would need to redo everything.

Upload your model to the forum, so someone can look at it (I’m about to go out for a while, so not me immediately).

There’s a lot of repetition between floors, so making a component of a floor, then copying, could be quite quick.

The file seems to be too big to upload. How do I make a component of the floor?

Thank you!

Upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and share a link in the forum.

To select just a floor change to Camera/Parallel projection, Camera/Standard views/Front, then window select (L-R) round one floor and make it a component.

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You have a couple more options. 1. For grouping…I often find models on 3D Warehouse that are not grouped. I then ‘group by material’ which is often how I’ll organize the model by Tag as well. This is also a good process for rendering since materials need to be replaced. See video.

2nd Option, if you want to select only edges, try Selection Toys by Thom Thom. (Also shown in video):


Great! I will try all of this. Thank you all.

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Impressive first model. It must have been even more difficult to make without groups or components.

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Thank you :slight_smile: It was most definitely challenging yes. But at least I learnt a lot in the process!

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