How to just see outline of complex component in Line Drawing Style

I’m trying to create a clean furnishings plan for a project. I created a new style called Line Drawing
using hidden line mode. Some of the furniture components I downloaded are very complex and have many contour lines. Is there a way to just see an outline of them? I have uploaded the file.


Very probably you could soften edges on the complex furniture and that would clean things up a bit. You might also select some edges and hide them.

Does your style include Profile edges? Are you using the normal line style or a sketchy style?

Hi. The file was too large to upload so I’m figuring out how to link to it. This is my first query here so I’m getting to know the ropes.

You can upload it to Drop Box and share the link. If you don’t want to make it public, send the link to me by private message after clicking on my name,

Here is the link (I hope):!AgH0PVRGBMehg22RxaxLqlMotAIJ

Downloading now.

I’m trying to download it again. Got a failed download first time. Could you try purging the unused stuff from the file to see if you can make it smaller?

Sure. Sorry about that.

I see what you’re getting at. Where did you get these furniture models?

The first, thing, as I suggested, would be to soften the edges to get rid of the triangulation. Tick the box for Soften Coplanar in the Soften Edges window, too. I’ve done some of the couch here.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I got some of them from the manufacturer’s website and some from the 3D Warehouse.

It sounds like you don’t need me to purge the file now?

I thought that might be the case. If you aren’t already doing it, best practice is to import components like the furniture and stuff into separate SketchUp files and do any needed cleanup there. Then put them into your project model.

I don’t need that now but it wouldn’t hurt. I expect you can lighten the model a bunch and it would make the file easier for you to deal with.

I went ahead and purged it. I’m softening the edges. Am I right that it is just a matter of right-click selecting them? There’s no way to distinguish between the outline and the inner ones?

Well, you could select only the edges that are triangulating the surfaces and leave the edges at the borders but generally you should be able to use the Soften/Smooth slider to adjust the smoothing angle. Find the happy medium and use that setting. There are a lot of wrinkles you may not want to show. You could hold Ctrl while hitting those edges with the Eraser tool.

Thanks. That worked great.

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