Components not showing in sketch edges format

Hi everyone
I am working on my first model and love the black and white look of the sketch edges style. Unfortunately the components that I have added to the model no longer show up in this style. Does anyone know a way of getting around this?
I am using the free web version.
thanks in advance

Can you make a screen shot that shows what you are seeing? Exactly which style are you referring to?

Thanks Dave.
The style is sketchy edges - airbrush with endpoints.

![example 2|689x388]

Screen shots of the model and the style that I want. You can see that all the components don’t show.
Thank you

The plants don’t have any visible edges so they won’t show when you switch to a style without texture or color. You could edit the components and unhide the edges. Keep in mind those edges are likely to be very short and because of the way the sketchy edges work, they may still not show unless you zoom in close to them.

For a little clarification, the sketchy styles are created by overlaying images of drawn lines (strokes) over the edges in the model. That style consists of five strokes of different lengths with the shortest one being 32 pixels long. If an edge is displayed at least than 32 pixels long on screen, it won’t show at all.

With the free online version you are fairly limited as to what can be done. With SketchUp Pro there’s Style Builder which makes it possible to create your own sketchy styles and you can add more stroke lengths. There are some other things that can be done as well with SU Pro if you really get into using the sketchy styles.