Styles don't render a complete image

I have read of many folks using styles for that “hand-drawn” feel, and it’s the main reason I got SU Pro. No matter what model I make or import, when I look at the various styles, they are never fully rendered. Choosing any of the “sketchy” styles leaves whole sections and/or components blank. The only styles that seem to work consistently are Hidden Line and XRay. I can think of a use for those two, but . . . .

Sketchy Edges will not render if the (real) edges are hidden.
Thus it sounds like the “blank” components contain hidden edges.
There’s a handy plugin you might try which unhides globally, unlike SU’s native Unhide command.

Unhide All SketchUp Plugin by R. Wilson
Unhides ALL entities, including those in (nested) groups and components.
Allows for a single-step undo, just in case you decide to change your mind.
How to install: Just drop it in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Plugins


Cool idea. Don’t quite understand the “contain hidden edges” concept, but OK. When I went to download the plugin, into my plugins folder, I do not have a plug-ins folder in my Sketchup 2014 folder . . . . In the Tools folder, there is a RubyStdLib, and I see this plugin is from Ruby. Is that where it goes?

By definition a Face can only exist within a closed loop of coplanar Edges.
Edges and Faces are unique entities which have properties; visibility is one of them.

If at first you don’t succeed, read the directions…


All the Sketchy Edges styles have a function that adaptively hides or degrades edges and profiles. This can be somewhat controlled with the “Level of detail” slider in the Window menu>Styles>Edir>Edge settings dialog.

I personally prefer the vector-only styles.