Simple Sketchyedge Style (with no gaps)

Hi All,

I am after a simple dark sketchyedge style with no gaps, for architectural siteplans. Reason being is because I will be rendering the plan on photoshop and it is easier for me to use the magic wand in a highlighted region rather than lasso-ing it.

I tried playing around with the stylesbuilder but I just cant seem to find the correct strokes.

I have attached a picture of a style I am after.

Many thanks!


Is there an edge style that comes close for you? Perhaps you’ll get what you want if you disable Halo in the Edge settings. There are many sketchy styles available in the Sketchucation Shop. Maybe something there would work for you.

This is a pencil style I created that has no gaps.

You might also consider creating your colored/textured image with SU’s standard edges and then overlay your favorite sketchy edge style over it.

Hi Dave,

thank you for your reply,

I never considered highligthing over the standard edges and overlay the sketchy edge, great idea! my only concern is that if they sketchedge has too much curve, the coloured/textured image might run through the sketchy edges.

I like your pencil systle edge with no gaps, any chance you can share it?

Thanks again!

That could be an issue. You’d have to be selective in the style you use. On the other hand, the same issue would be present even if you make a single image export because the sketchy style edges don’t actually determine the bounds of faces.

Thank you. It’s in the set of pencil styles I did in the Sketchucation Shop.

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