Additional styles?

Wondering if there are any sources for additional styles other than those that come default in SUpro? Im always looking for something that just BARELY takes the edge off a drawing leaning towards sketchy edges (I do use pencil a bit but its way too aggressive other than for conceptual stuff). I dont have the time at the moment to invest in setting up a custom style and have played around with edge/profile/settings in the defaults and the sketchy edges with no success. I was hoping for something that pretty much retained all the detail of a default construction style (typically mono) but just softened up the harsh/sharp a bit if that makes sense?


There are a number of styles available in the Shop at Sketchucation as well as some offered by SketchUpArtists.

They aren’t that difficult to make yourself, though.

Thanks Dave,
Do you have a style you prefer or a recipe for something that for instance would retain all the detail in an architrave/entry way, dentil molding, flutes, and so on (not entire building scale) yet soften a bit of the harshness of the sharp lines of any of the default styles?

Maybe all you need to do is edit the edge color to a gray so it’s not so “in your face”. If you want a sketchy line style there are lots of them out there. Many of them (including the natively supplied ones) don’t offer the shortest stroke lengths that are possible. That means that small details can drop out.

Another thing I find useful for retain details is to make sure edges are welded where possible. For example, here’s a table I modeled recently.

With the curves exploded and a sketchy line style applied the model looks like this:

However with the curves welded, it looks like this.

I use Eneroth Auto Weld to do the welding because it will plow through the geometry in an object and weld anything that can be welded.

Your the man Dave,
Made a lot of headway in a nanosecond with the edge color, jitter, endpoints, etc. much appreciated. Headed for Enroth…

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