Additional face styles for sketchy

I’ve only recently started working again with SketchUp since ages, and I was amazed at how nicely you could output sketchy drawings of your scenes with recent “Styles”.
Hopefully I’ve tweaked it long enough to not overlook something,
but the real missing option to me is to nicely color “faces”.
Face color is precisely sticked to the face edge, and when you use sketchy styles the result is unsatisfactory, due to the face color following strict geometric entities instead of the “rough” sketchy line.
So I was thinking, perhaps some additional face styles could help adding a proper “hand-drawn” effect to your works and require not too much effort from the developers, it could be:

  1. color/texture “random bleeding” from the faces, so they could “escape” a little bit from the rigid geometry they are onto, basing on depth (foremost bleed would “cover” faces behind)
  2. color/texture “watercolor” or other filters/fxs(chance to add our own shaders would be gorgeous :D) to give that “painted” feel to the sketch

So you could present your sketchy work in full colors, out of the box, without additional rendering suites, just the way I see and appreciate in many prints and catalogs out there.

i.e. the aim would be getting near to something like this (just googled):
acquerell example

And I think some awesome “sketch” styles are already very near… just adding that extra bit of color bliss to faces would do the trick :slight_smile: