Sketchup "Anime Style"

Hiiii, I have a idea crazy I see sketchup have a big artistic side, I see a lot of sketches, ink, watercolor etc etc style, But I don’t find a “Anime style” anyone know how make this? A guy made a great job with Twilight render but I don’t find the right settings, I want a Anime style (the most possible near) so is like a watercolor but “flat” compact colors with defined shadows and tight edges, if anyone know something like this please link me tutorial or other :slight_smile:


Without an external renderer, you can imitate a comic appearance:

  • With profiles:

    1. Increase profile thickness in the Window → Styles → current style → Edit → Edges
      2.For flat appearence: In Window → Shadows, pull both sliders for Light and Dark to the maximum to reduce shading.
  • With sketchy edges:

    • Launch SketchUp Pro’s Style Builder application and create your own sketchy styles with variable thickness (or find some on the internet). Sketchy styles don’t need to be translucent like watercolor but can also be solid, hard edges.

Do you want something like this, one Perspective version and one Parallel Projection.

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Setting light to 0 and dark to 80 allows you to see the exact same colors in the viewport as you specified for the material. Only the light value is multiplied with the sun direction scalar. The dark value is independent of viewing direction. Another 20% is added internally in SketchUp when calculating shading to prevent everything from going pitch black if both sliders are set to 0, hence the 80.