How to create this style of render using SketchUp + Render software

Hi all

I’ve been learning SketchUp for a couple of years now, and because I’ve only ever needed to focus on engineering elements and basic views, rendering has never been something I’ve needed to do. All the images I’ve used have been opened in LayOut and then saved as high res vector images.

I’ve decided to branch out more and have an idea to start using basic renders, specifically what I’ve been calling ‘white block’ rendering, very basic and uses light and shadows to get the detail. Attached are examples of what I mean by ‘white block renders’, basic. I want to avoid the black edges that my images have, which is basically the same as the object looks in model space - black lines and edges.

My question is, please can someone give me some guidance as to how I achieve this. What do I need to do to my models in SketchUp in order to get this ‘white block’ look and feel? Currently all my models are the default material, white, I don’t apply any textures or colours or anything like that - it’s basically ‘as drawn’. Do I need to apply textures? I have shadows turned off, I assume this needs to be on, but I want to avoid strong cast shadows, subtlety is key. I also assume I need some rendering software also.

Many thanks in advance for any guidance and support that can be offered, much appreciated.


Look for ‘Ambient occlusion’ (Google search)

Just as an idea

or ‘Clay render’